Young Femina

Young Femina bestaat uit een enthousiaste en betrokken groep jonge vrouwen, veelal studenten van RUG en Hanzehogeschool. Omdat het om een internationale groep vrouwen gaat is de voertaal Engels.

De leden van de groep komen in commissies bijeen en organiseren diverse activiteiten, de groep en de commissies gaan deze pagina binnenkort zelf invullen, waarbij ze uiteraard zelf verslag van hun activiteiten zullen doen.

7 maart 2017 – drie dames van Young Femina met minister Schippers van VWS op bezoek bij Femina.
We are recruiting!

YoungFemina is a new project that is set up to make Femina more visible in society and among young people. We plan to achieve this by means of video projects, social media and events (meetings, open lectures). Because it is a new project, we are looking for creative and enthusiastic people who dare to take initiative. We welcome any skill that you can offer, but we are particularly interested in:

       –    writers

       –   desigerns

       –   video editors

The language of the meetings will be English. Good command of English is a must, but we would like to invite any nationality, especially people with a migrant background. Most of all, we are looking for people that have a passion for human rights and are strongly motivated to support women’s rights in the Netherlands.

In case you are interested, please contact us at before the 30th of November. Of course you can also refer to us for any questions.