Legal Assistance Fund – Fonds Juridische Bijstand (FJB)

Who is the legal assistance fund for?

Femina set up the legal assistance fund for women who need the legal assistance but cannot pay for it (for example due to a low income, no income, or no savings). This mainly concerns legal and court fees (Eigen bijdrage rechtsbijstand en Griffierechten). This normally amounts to about 375 Euros.

Upon consideration of the case, the lawyer concerned normally immediately sends an invoice that the woman will have to pay with within a relatively short period of time (normally 7 days). If the invoice is not settled, the lawyer can decide to not take the case. Femina has set up this fund to prevent such a situation.

Payment in the form of a deposit

Femina can finance the invoice through the FJB. If the woman gets back the money from the invoice, she will then have to pay the deposit back to Femina so that we can help other people with it as well.