Femina Foundation

The Femina foundation dedicates its work to the rights and integration of women who came to the Netherlands as a refugee or a migrant. Many of these women remain oppressed in the Netherlands and do not have any rights.

According to the Dutch Constitution, everyone is equal:  “All persons in the Netherlands shall be treated equally in equal circumstances.”

Unfortunately, many women who come to the Netherlands as a refugee or a migrant cannot use this right.

Femina is founded by and for women who came to the Netherlands as a refugee or a migrant. Through experience we know like no other: Women who do not enjoy these rights therefore do not integrate and their families do not either! This is not beneficial for these women, for their families and for our society.

Femina believes that it is necessary to make clear that oppression of and violence against women will not be tolerated. Arguments like: ‘the women are too vulnerable for this message’ are nonsense!

During integration awareness must be raised about the risks and information about the legal consequences of abuse and mistreatment should be provided.

Through our programs, we inform women about their rights and about life in the Netherlands. In addition, the Social Consultation hour provided by Femina offers an accessible platform where they can tell their story in confidence and may discuss further steps.

Our main goals are: awareness, discussion, information, trust and building a bridge to general support institutions.