Meet YoungFemina

YoungFemina is a new project within the Femina Foundation that aims strenghten the work and mission of Femina in society and amongst young people in Groningen. YoungFemina consists of a group of students who are dedicated to make female migrants and refugees in Groningen and Netherlands more visible.

Our team currently comprises a small group of young motivated women from diverse backgrounds, who are keen on raising awareness on the issues that female migrants face when coming to the Netherlands. We regularly meet up at the Stichting Femina office or at the University of Groningen to think of strategies, to brainstorm and come up with new and creative ideas on how to reach and educate our peers on the issue of women’s rights and integration. Learn more about our activities here.


Sally Eshun (Executive Coordinator)

“The Femina foundation often meets women who grew up in a repressive system being unaware that they have far-reaching rights here in the Netherlands. Being aware of their rights and growing in confidence is pivotal to their integration since it does not only help them but also their families, their communities and Dutch society in general. I believe that young men and women can contribute by being conscious of the women’s issues and listen.”

Sally Eshun is studying International and European Law at the University of Groningen.

Janne Posthuma (Secretarial Coordinator and Co-Executive)

“I feel that we live in a political environment that alienates rather than connects various groups within society. I joined YoungFemina to find (re)connection with women of different backgrounds. I hope to address those flaws within the Dutch integration system that specifically obstruct migrant women to connect with Dutch society.”

Janne Posthuma is currently studying International Relations at the University of Groningen.

Julia Castro (Coordinator for Outreach)

“An important goal for me is to contribute something useful and valuable to society and specifically in women´s rights. I joined YoungFemina because here, I have the chance to achieve this goal. Together with a young devoted team and by means of various projects we can improve the positions of female migrants. An important cause!”

Julia Castro is studying International Communication at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen.

Want to join us? we are recruiting:

YoungFemina aims to make the Femina foundation more visible in society and among young people in Groningen through creative projects and ideas, such as video projects, social media outreach and organizing events (meetings, open lectures). To support our teams and Femina’s mission, YoungFemina is always interested to hear from creative and enthusiastic young people who dare to take initiative. We welcome every skill you can offer, but we are particularly interested in:

             – Writers

             – Persons interested in planning and organizing events

             – Web designers

             – Video Editors

The language of the meetings will be English. Good English skills are required and Dutch skills are a bonus. We are inviting all nationalities to participate, especially people with a migrant background. Above all, we are looking for people who have a passion for human rights and who are strongly motivated to support the rights of women in the Netherlands.

If you are interested, please contact us at In case of any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us.